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The Fifth Wave home of Salvagnini

Dave Brambert here to welcome you to Salvagnini’s second home here at Fifth Wave Manufacturing. I’ve been very lucky because I have had access to the company, its people and its products. Over the last two years, I’ve written stories and filmed videos, getting only encouragement from the company and my readers.


In fact, our most popular video to date is shown below. It belongs to an 11-video set I did about the S4 + P4 (Flexible Manufacturing System or FMS). Also below are a few executive interviews I’ve done with leaders at Salvagnini.


As you explore further, you’ll see a number of Under the Hood stories with video content, and a special Software Zone that will continue to grow through the coming years as the company devotes even more resources to this increasingly important aspect of fabrication.

#11 Salvagnini S4 + P4 line assembling all the parts we made

Barely over a minute long, this video shows the very end of our journey with the S4 + P4 FMS. As Derrick Clark points out, the cabinet is built in about 60 seconds with no fasteners of any kind, and using neither welding nor glue. The combination of the punch, shear, and panel bending operations made this possible. No one is hurrying here, yet we have a complete cabinet in a short amount of time. See the “How-To” section (which contains lots of “Under the Hood” content) below to get the full story on the S4 + P4 line we used that day.

Salvagnini’s Giovanni Piccolo: from PDPs to true automation

Giovanni Piccolo is a very interesting person. He talks about business and fabricating processes like they are everyday topics, totally comfortable in both the worlds of gritty get-it-done fabricating and the abstract, widgets-go-down-the-line analysis. Like a jazz player he is ready for variations on any theme and a change in tempo. Currently, he’s enjoying his 38th year at Salvagnini, which company he joined after a stint in the Italian army.


Our conversation included: what is meant by a “global”approach within a company; communication protocols; how machine design must include future customer use; how new functional capabilities can actually change business/production processes; and much more.

Salvagnini’s Eros Pavarini on software

Eros Pavarini is a very smart, very kind gentleman who is the Marketing & Product Manager, Services, for Salvagnini. He has a good grasp on all the software Salvagnini offers. Things got very interesting when we started talking about remote support for Salvagnini machines, I think you’ll find the numbers he quotes to be somewhat surprising.


It’s a very good overview of what Salvagnini offers in a number of different areas of software for fabrication.

Interview with Giovanni Piccolo May 2023

Any time I get a chance to listen to Giovanni Piccolo, I take it. He’s a very knowledgeable fabricating expert, and he likes to constantly mix business gains with technology advancements, which is practically Fifth Wave’s raison d’etre. You will hear his thoughts on introducing techology, the top two things customers want, and the control of and the control provided by automation.


Below, the Software Zone is the entryway into the many advancements in fabricating software happening right now. I know you’ll be surprised over the simplicity of the world of software. It keeps getting easier and more powerful.


The other section, the How-To Zone, includes sessions we did with internal experts with the equipment they know inside and out. These sessions always end up with valuable how-to information, so if you want to know what you can do with equipment, this is your place.


The Software Zone

The How-To Zone

More information on these technologies at the Salvagnini America site

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