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The ARKU EdgeBreaker 6000

ARKU’s EdgeBreaker® 6000 deburring machine is designed to process all laser-cut parts

For the ever-changing requirements in a laser job shop, ARKU presents the EdgeBreaker® 6000. In addition to laser-cut parts, the deburring machine is also capable of processing punched parts, regardless of whether they are small or large. If required, the EdgeBreaker® 6000 can even handle material thicknesses far beyond the thin sheet range. The machine also covers all processing requirements: deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing, from individual parts to large quantities–with a passage width of just over 51 in. (1300 mm). The core element of the EdgeBreaker® 6000 is the rotary brush station. This particular module achieves the best possible edge rounding results since the brushes make contact with the material from various directions. Users receive a very uniform result on the inner and outer contours of the part. If desired, the product can give a 2.0 mm rounding radius. ASIS-Ad-728x90 In addition to the rotary brushes, there is also a grinding belt and a finishing unit. These three units make the EdgeBreaker® 6000 the most universal deburring machine in the EdgeBreaker® lineup. This enables an attractive surface finish, as is often required for high-quality stainless steel sheets. A quick-change system for the consumables makes the deburring machine flexible and fit for any laser job shop. Setup times will be reduced, which is particularly important for small batch sizes. ARKU also placed great emphasis on easy cleaning and maintenance when developing the EdgeBreaker® 6000. Unlike double-sided deburring machines, the EdgeBreaker® 6000 has a vacuum table as support for the parts. This enables the machine to securely fix even small parts onto the conveyor to process them with repeatable accuracy. The automatic calibration of consumables also contributes to the accuracy of the deburring machine; these consumables inevitably wear out over time. The EdgeBreaker® 6000 is able to detect this wear and compensate for it automatically. Like all other ARKU deburring machines, the EdgeBreaker® 6000 has an intuitive user interface. It supports the operator in setting the machine based on the part parameters and desired results and provides appropriate settings. Tips for operation or maintenance can also be accessed by the operator. This supports efficient work without errors.

The ARKU EdgeBreaker 3000

The ARKU EdgeBreaker® 3000: Double-sided processing of laser-cut and punched parts

ARKU’s EdgeBreaker® 3000 is ideal for processing laser-cut and punched parts. The machine features two sequential processing units, which deburr and edge-round. Even large quantities of sheet metal parts up to 80 mm thick can be processed on both sides in a single pass. This eliminates the need to run the parts through the machine a second time, saving around half of the processing time. The patented brush change click-system in the EdgeBreaker® 3000 provides additional benefits. It enables quick and easy replacement of the abrasives. This allows for rapid and flexible adaptation based on specific deburring tasks. In addition, the automatic calibration system measures the abrasive consumption and compensates for such automatically.

ARKU EdgeBreaker 4000

ARKU’s EdgeBreaker 4000 for heavy-duty deburring, and double-sided rounding

The EdgeBreaker 4000 from ARKU is a two-station solution for deburring and double-sided rounding of plate. The first station is the grinding drum which rotates and oscillates, using a very tough and flexible sandpaper tube that is held in place from the center via an inflatable rubber cylinder. This first station takes away all of the slag and burrs from cutting, and resurfaces the top of the plate. The second station consists of top and bottom rotating sanding brushes, able to do top and bottom rounding simultaneously making each part safe for handling and for the next step downstream in the process. The system automatically adjusts the position of the consumables, in order to achieve the most efficient rounding. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) that controls the machine is easy to learn and uses both numeric and pictorial feedback. The machine can handle plate almost four inches thick and the working width of a piece is 51 in.

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