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Salvagnini stand at EuroBlech
Assembling a steel cabinet with no fasteners
Salvagnini stand at EuroBlech 2022

Salvagnini How-To Zone

Most of the how-to content you will see here are from content we at Fifth Wave collected at Salvagnini’s North American headquarters near Cincinnati, OH. Not only is it fun to put these beasts through the paces, but it’s really interesting to see the steps and results possible.

Our “Under the Hood” series plays a big role in this section, and so those videos are organized into playlists so you can see what happens chronologically. Enjoy!

A panel bender is a very different approach to bending. You never change the tooling; the tooling either morphs to accommodate the task, or the material is moved into the perfect spot to get the right bend.

These days, panel benders rank high on the automation scale. You will enjoy seeing the automation and the speed with which jobs are done from blank to part.

Using a highly automated product is interesting and fun. In this case, we took an Under the Hood look at Salvagnini’s B3 AU-TO automated press brake. Some interesting things we explored:

  • The setup is in the software–you configure the job and it is ready on the controller when you are;
  • Robotic tool placement shuttles put the right punches and dies into the top and bottom tool areas, and they are spread out to their setup areas; and
  • The tooling lives not beside the brake, but underneath it. All of the tooling is on sliding racks that are accessed only when you need to add tooling.

Enjoy this playlist that takes you through the paces.

This next Under the Hood session had a high cool factor. Parts were automatically delivered by the tower, then put through an S4 punch, then a conveyor (where they can also be repositioned, turned over, or recentered) and pushed to the P4 panel bender. After the P4, they can be delivered to specific places for offloading, and in different ways. It’s really interesting to see sheet to part all in one line.

More information on these technologies at the Salvagnini America site

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