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Salvagnini stand at EuroBlech
Salvagnini stand at EuroBlech 2022

The Software Zone of Salvagnini

Welcome to Salvagnini’s Software Zone. Having done a lot of work with Salvagnini, I can tell you they are focusing on software and they are getting ready for a time when people consider the software first. It is what happened in PCs, will it happen in manufacturing? Only time will tell but it’s a very interesting topic.

Please enjoy the content here, we will have much more coming in the form of demonstrations and in-depth coverage.

#1 Salvagnini S4 + P4 line FACE Software

Salvagnini’s FACE software is available across the company’s product line, and it’s meant to be the operator’s interface to the capabilities of the machine. Derrick Clark takes us through using FACE to set a job in motion and manage it along the way. The interface looks and acts the same no matter which Salvagnini product you use.

Salvagnini P2 #2 Under the Hood

One of the unique features of Salvagnini’s P2 panel bender is the way the software controls an upcoming job. The operator can see the specs at a a glance. Furthermore, the software allows the operator to scan a bar code or QR code that is on the material. The system then sees not only the setup, but how many parts are about to be made.

PadovaLamiere meets Salvagnini: regain efficiency with OPS, the software for managing production

This is a very quick case study about PadovaLamiere using Salvagnini software–in particular, OPS and the STREAM programming suite–to recover time and efficiency in their production processes. (For English subtitles, pause the video and click on CC on the bottom of the video screen.)

More information on these technologies at the Salvagnini America site

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