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Welcome to Fifth Wave Manufacturing, the online home for technology innovations in metal manufacturing.

We are in a very exciting time in the metal manufacturing industry. Not only are manufacturers making strides in their own technology, they are leveraging technologies from other sectors, like sensors, robotics, automation, even machine vision. The resulting products are faster, more reliable, more flexible—more of most everything.


Why our viewers need your advertising message

Our viewers are people who know what the machines do, they know the categories, they know something of general and advanced capabilities. However, because of the complexity of today’s solutions, they need more information to make a brand decision. There are many reasons to buy a brand, but the ultimate one is: “Can this brand of machine solve my problem?” Much of the answer lies in the technology behind the product, and that’s where we come in.

Fifth Wave Manufacturing shows the viewers more about the internal and external technology advancements in your brand. We, like you, want them to be smart and make an informed decision. The more attention you get at Fifth Wave Manufacturing, the more people will remember your technology and your brand. It’s a classic concept brought to our all-digital world.

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You’ll learn more about your options by downloading the two documents provided here. But if you need to talk to someone about your marketing needs, please do so, we are eager to help:

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Dave Brambert – Rest of World
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