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Product/Technology Press Releases

Amada ENSIS 3015 AJ

ENSIS 3kW, 6kW, 9kW, 12kW Fiber Laser Series — High-Precision Processing of Thin-To-Thick Materials

ENSIS technology enables continuous processing of thin materials and thick plate without a cutting lens change or manual setup. This is made possible by a highly-innovative resonator that automatically changes the beam mode to accommodate whatever material and thickness is being processed. The elimination of the need to change lenses is a crucial advantage offered by the ENSIS 3015 AJ Series — resulting in continuous, high-speed, high-quality production with all system components performing with outstanding energy efficiency. The latest advancement of ENSIS technology includes the addition of an advanced collimation system that controls beam diameter and beam configuration. The ability to provide infinite mode and diameter control combinations is an industry first, and it ensures unprecedented productivity. ENSIS achieves up to 66% reduction in processing time when compared to conventional fiber lasers at the same wattage and achieves 1-second clean pierce in 1" plate. The ENSIS Series is ideally suited for ferrous steels as well as for nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, or titanium — achieving an unmatched combination of speed and exceptional edge quality for the broadest spectrum of material types and thicknesses.

Amada VENTIS 3015 AJ

VENTIS 3015 AJ Outperforms Higher Wattage Fiber Lasers at a Considerably Lower Operating Cost.

VENTIS utilizes AMADA’s revolutionary Locus Beam Control (LBC) to achieve infinite locus patterns — ensuring optimum beam shape control for each specific cutting application. LBC technology delivers unprecedented high-speed and high-quality cutting up to 3 times faster than a conventional fiber laser. A high-brightness fiber laser oscillator maintains optimal quality of the high-energy density laser beam. As a result, VENTIS provides virtually dross-free cutting of a variety of materials and thicknesses including stainless steel and aluminum.
Productivity Mode
In the N2 non-oxidizing cutting of medium-thick stainless steel and aluminum, processing cost can be reduced by up to 75%.
Quality Mode
Cut quality is ensured by reducing the surface roughness by approximately 50% when compared to a conventional machine and dross is reduced to less than 10 μm.
Kerf Control Mode
Enables long-term stable processing during automated system operation. By oscillating the beam, the kerf width can be controlled to 2.5 times wider than a conventional machine. The high cutting speed, reduced power consumption, and other process parameters mean that the costs of operating the 4kW VENTIS are considerably lower than a system with a higher output level.

Amada HRB 1003 ATC

AMADA’s HRB Series — High-Precision, Customizable Press Brakes

The HRB Series leverages AMADA’s industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features that can be customized to resolve specific manufacturing challenges. For example, Bend Indicator Sensors ensure accurate bend angles without the need for test bends, and the HRB’s crowning system provides consistent angle accuracy across the entire bend length. AGRIP-A punch holders quickly and easily lock tooling into the appropriate position to reduce setup time by up to 60%.
Adding a Sheet Follower system ensures safe and efficient processing/material handling of large cumbersome parts. And, an automatic foot pedal speeds production by moving to the proper position throughout production. Inclusion of a double clamp backgauge provides accurate processing of complex shapes.
The addition of AMADA’s patented Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) makes it possible to achieve even the most complex tool setups in 4 minutes or less. The ATC is an ideal solution for variable lot sizes, complex tool layouts, and the seamless introduction of rush jobs. In addition, operators of varied experience levels can produce repeatable high-speed bending results.
To expedite delivery to North American fabricators, the HRB Series is manufactured at the Carolina Manufacturing Center in High Point, NC.

Amada AMS 3015 CL

AMADA’s AMS 3015 CL Laser Automation Optimizes Productivity and Profit

The AMS 3015 CL provides a flexible automation solution that reduces unnecessary machine downtime due to manual material loading. Manufactured with precision in Brea, California, the AMS CL automatically and consistently performs material handling operations — resulting in maximum machine productivity.
Expandable as Future Demands Evolve
The AMS CL is a modular system that allows fabricators to easily expand their automation capabilities. With additional modules, the AMS CL can seamlessly transition from a single cycle loader to a multi-shelf tower that can support multiple lasers. A symmetrical design allows modules to be placed on either the front or rear side of a laser’s shuttle table to accommodate material flow.
The benefits of automation combined with AMADA’s fiber lasers include lower costs of operation, faster ROI, more reliable and predictable production schedules, and better overall utilization of both machine and floorspace. Additional advantages include:
• Improve Green Light On (GLO) time up to 92%
• Automation is the ideal solution for high-mix, low-volume production
• Improve part quality with less rework
• Reduce lead times, labor costs, and operating costs
• Standardized sheets reduce material costs
• Laser can operate unattended to cut shear blanks for other machines

AMADA_Influent_shop_Floor cropped

Influent By AMADA — The IIoT Software Solution For Every Shop

Providing Total Shop Floor Control and Full Production Visibility Designed by Manufacturing Engineers, Influent provides shop floor visibility like never before. By integrating everything in a manufacturing environment, the barrier between the office and the shop floor is eliminated, thereby giving management clear, real-time visibility. With Influent, all decision making can be made with utmost certainty by providing current and factual data to identify inefficiencies and enable continuous improvement. Since Influent monitors and records every aspect of the shop, validating a new improvement decision is automatic. In addition, management can quickly and efficiently verify effectiveness — eliminating guesswork in improvement validation. Real-time data is automatically collected to track machine runtimes, setups, alarms, and job history. Influent can connect to just about everything on the shop floor, including any brand of machine, and any ERP/MRP system. Influent empowers highly-informed decision making by connecting and collecting data from the entire organization. Influent also makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies with informative dashboards, relevant reporting, and real-time data. This comprehensive approach enables you to measure, analyze, and improve every aspect of your shop’s productivity, quality, and profitability. And, historical data verifies improvement.

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