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Press Brakes

HRB Series​

HRB 8025/1003/2204

The HRB Press Brake Series leverages industry-leading bending technology and a variety of production-enhancing features that can be customized to resolve your specific challenges. AMADA’s latest high-precision, hybrid drive series is manufactured at the Carolina Manufacturing Center in High Point, NC. In addition to providing precise bending results, the new HRB Series is engineered to ensure the utmost in versatility and ease-of- use.

Customizable features include:

  • L-Shift

  • Auto crowning

  • Custom sheet followers (SF1224TL)

  • Double clamp finger backgauge

  • Operator front support system

Standard features: 

  • AMNC 3i control w/built in bar code reader

  • SGrip (W)

  • Slit crown

  • 6-axis backgauge

  • 3-position foot pedal

  • AS-01 safety device

  • Side guard w/ interlock

  • 300 mm stopper

  • Step sppt w/ slide stop

  • Digi pro

HRB Press Brake Series

HG 8025/1303/1703/1704/2203/2204/5020

With models varying in capacity from 56 – 247 tons (US), AMADA’s new HG press brake series can handle a full range of material thicknesses in bend lengths from 55 to 169.3 inches. Equipped with a newly-developed AMNC 3i (intelligent, interactive, integrated) control, the HG series provides high-speed and high-accuracy with unprecedented ease of use. A 19″ multi-touch LCD panel ensures simplified operation. The user-friendly screen is designed for intuitive operation (similar to a smartphone) allowing for fast and efficient entry even if an operator lacks experience. Enhanced database network features provide better communication between the CAM program and the AMNC 3i — resulting in less manual interaction and faster processing.

Additional features of the new HG series include:

  • Bend Indicator technology ensures high-speed and high-precision.

  • AMTS tooling provides the ideal solution for multi-stage bending.

  • Independent L-Axis (L-Shift) provides the capability to bend a wide variety of part shapes.

  • Standard emergency safety features such as an emergency shut-off button on the controller panel, an interlock (OFF mode), stopped axis movement when guard is opened and a laser guard device.

HG Series

EG Series

EG 4010

The EG 4010 is an ideal compact press brake solution to produce small sheet metal components that demand a high degree of precision. A key feature of the EG is its high-speed Dual Servo Power (DSP) Drive System. Two AC-servo motors allow the EG to reach high approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times. 

Additional features of the EG 4010 include:

  • Ideal compact press brake solution to produce small sheet metal components that demand a high degree of precision

  • Two AC-servo motors for high approach, bending, and return speeds that yield fast part cycle times

  • AMNC 3i Control is equipped with a large touchscreen and graphical interface to simplify operation

  • Multi-axis backgauge with L-Shift functionality — speeding setup for complex parts while ensuring repeatable accuracy

  • Ergonomic foldable worktable (optional)

EG 4010 Compact Press Brake

EG 6013

The EG 6013 is an ultra-high precision, high-speed compact bending solution featuring an advanced and precise Dual Servo Power drive system.

Features of the EG 6013 press brake include:

  • Dual Servo Power (DSP) Drive – Extremely fast approach, bending and return speeds – provide faster cycle times and results in more parts per hour.

  • AMNC 3i – An 18.5-inch multi-touch display offers multiple modes of data entry (angle, depth, 2D and 3D) for the utmost in programming flexibility.

  • L-Shift Backgauge – 5-axis backgauge speeds setup for complex parts. High-speed movement on all axes ensures that the gauge fingers are positioned as quickly as the operator positions the part.

EG 6013 Compact Press Brake

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