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REGIUS 3015 AJ 12kW Fiber Laser with AMS 3015 LL

REGIUS 3015 AJ 12kW Fiber Laser with AMS 3015 LL

Products: REGIUS 3015 AJ 12kW Fiber Laser with AMS 3015 LL


Category(ies): Laser cutting, automation


Summary: The REGIUS 3015 AJ is a feature-packed laser cutter that offers power up to 12kW. The world’s fastest 3-axis linear drive system is paired with the AMS 3015 LL, a very strong and space saving linear loader.


At FABTECH you will see: These two products will be working together on jobs during the event. The REGIUS 3015 AJ will be cutting with 12kW of power, utilizing three 4kW laser modules.


Tech to watch: the REGIUS features many technologies, as described below. In the most general terms, keep an eye on the 3-axis linear drive system, as well as REGIUS’ Laser Integration System, a series of high-tech, autonomous subsystems that make uptime, precision, and speed top priorities.




The REGIUS has the fastest 3-axis drive system in the industry, which zips along handling 5g’s of acceleration—and reducing time to process complex nests by 15%. Variable Beam Control, which debuted on the ENSIS machine, means REGIUS can cut material up to 1” thick, and cut a variety of metals, too.


A camera placed inside the REGIUS means that cutting progress can be checked remotely from anywhere using a tablet and AMADA’s V-REMOTE capability. The remote user can also upload new jobs, interfacing with the AMNC 3i control.


Each REGIUS machine includes the Laser Integration System, which includes a host of dynamic, autonomous subsystems:


  • The i-Nozzle Checker regularly checks the nozzle, and if it finds problems or flaws, replaces the nozzle autonomously.
  • The i-Process Monitor checks on many things in the system, including piercing and current cutting status. The piercing function allows the laser to move immediately after a pierce is detected, rather than wait a prescribed amount of time.
  • The i-Optics Sensor checks for dirt on the protection glass.
  • The i-Camera Assist System (ICAS) shows an overhead camera view of a sheet or remnant. This view is merged with an electronic part file view, and the user can interactively nest the part onto the remnant, using the AMNC 3i control.
  • The Automatic Collision Recovery function monitors the laser head. If there is a collision, the head tilts to absorb the shock, then recovers and continues cutting—no need to shut down and manually replace anything.

AMS 3015 LL


Like other AMS products from AMADA, the AMS 3015 LL is engineered to reduce downtime or slow operation due to manual loading of materials. While many shops are ready for automation, some find themselves “landlocked” because of the limitations of an old building or because the original floor design did not take into account material loading automation. No matter the “why,” the “how” is the AMS 3015 LL, designed to be a perfect fit for shops that need a narrow footprint. In fact, the system is about the same width as the laser. While the design of this model is unique, the AMS 3015 LL shares many of the same parts and fittings as the other models, making it an already proven solution.

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