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A Real Technology Platform: The REGIUS Laser Cutting System

AMADA REGIUS laser cutting system

The REGIUS is AMADA’s latest laser cutting system that is brimming with the latest technology advancements. Each of these technologies is for a practical purpose and each has gains that are easy to see and experience. Let’s take a look at some of the categories of technology gains and what the REGIUS offers in that category.


Speed in operation


The REGIUS cutting speed is enhanced because AMADA built the product with the world’s fastest three-axis linear drive system, so fast that the drive system easily handles 5g of acceleration—more than the forces in a manned rocket launch. The system is so fast and agile that it reduces the time needed to process complex nests by 15%.


The REGIUS is loaded with features like this one: instead of waiting a specified amount of time for a pierce on the sheet or plate, it detects the pierce and immediately starts moving. In a workday full of complicated nests, that represents significant time savings.


The new AMNC 3iEx control has an upgraded processor that makes it the fastest AMADA control available. The same technology that offers increased speed and time savings also takes away the need for an operator with 30 years of experience. Much of what you’ll need is programmed in, or user-defined, or is in drag-and-drop format. The speed benefit also gives you operator flexibility. The control is network ready and comes with an optimized data cutting library.

AMADA AMNC 3iEx control
The AMADA AMNC 3iEx control

One other important benefit of the control and the REGIUS features: Because of the highly automated nature of the REGIUS and the speed and capability of the AMNC 3iEx, you can begin using it for real work immediately after you power it up—no waiting time.


Here are a few looks at the display flexibility of the AMNC 3iEx control. This technology serves the operator as well as the floor manager.

Parts layout display on the AMADA AMNC 3iEx control
Parts layout display
Work history display on the AMADA AMNC 3iEx control
Work history display
Inspection display on the AMADA AMNC 3iEx control
Inspection display


The REGIUS comes in 6, 9, and 12kW models; you have a choice of which laser best suits your needs. Further, by choosing the REGIUS you have the ability to cut different thicknesses of metal, and the ability to cut different materials—due to the flexibility of AMADA’s Variable Beam Control which debuted on the ENSIS laser. Variable Beam Control can change the beam to accommodate cuts in material up to 1” thick (see the related story about controlling the laser beam).

Versatility also means the ability to move with you. The AMNC 3iEx control can be checked remotely from anywhere, using a tablet and AMADA’s V-REMOTE capability. In addition, the remote user can upload new jobs to the schedule. A key enabling technology is V-MONITOR, a camera system inside the REGIUS enclosure (separate from the i-Camera Assist System), which enables the V-REMOTE capability. V-MONITOR gives V-REMOTE users a live view of the nest and the current cutting activity.

AMADA V-REMOTE for remote access to control screen
V-REMOTE puts the control on your tablet


Autonomy, recovery, and uninterrupted service


With the REGIUS, autonomy is becoming a reality. The Laser Integration System (LIS) that is a part of the REGIUS platform includes:


  • i-Nozzle Checker (regularly inspects and if necessary, replaces nozzles autonomously)
  • i-Process Monitor (checks on many things in the system, including piercing and current cutting status)
  • i-Optics Sensor (checks for dirt on the protection glass)
  • i-Camera Assist System or ICAS (camera view of a sheet or remnant is merged with electronic part file view, and the user interactively nests the part)
  • Automatic Collision Recovery (if there is a collision, the entire cutting head tilts to soften the blow, then recovers and continues cutting)

Besides creating a foundation for autonomy, these LIS technologies also provide speed enhancements. There is a savings of “time you don’t spend” because there is so much monitoring and process automation. Automatic Collision Recovery is a great example—rather than shutting down the machine, opening it, going in to retrieve the tip-up or other obstacle, repositioning the head, shutting the doors, and restarting the machine, it is all done automatically on the REGIUS. (You’ll learn more about these components of LIS in our related story.)


Format flexibility


Two models of the REGIUS give you flexibility in the source material. The REGIUS 3015 has a maximum sheet size of 120” x 60” and can take material weight of 2,000 lbs. The larger REGIUS 4020 can handle sheets up to 160” x 80” with material weight maximum of 3,000 lbs. Each is available in 6, 9, and 12kW, and each cuts the same variety of materials.


No matter which REGIUS fits your cutting needs best, the technology innovations will show results in real life—results like faster speeds, greater flexibility, and autonomous operation.






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