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EML 2515 AJ Combination Punch/Laser

EML 2515 punch laser combo with PDC

Product: EML 2515 AJ


Category(ies): Combination punch/laser


Summary: The EML 2515 AJ is a 33-ton turret punch press with a 3kW fiber laser cutting system built in.


At FABTECH you will see: The EML 2515 AJ will be powered and working on demonstration parts. You will see how production can be maximized when running the punch and laser as a technical tag-team all in one machine.


Tech to watch: Tapping, thread forming, vacuum die, 3kW laser cutting, automated nozzle changer, AMNC 3i control, optional automation


EML 2515 AJ


AMADA’s EML 2515 AJ is a punch/laser combination aimed at speed and productivity, but it is also equipped to reduce secondary operations like thread forming and multi-purpose tapping. The system uses the very same AMNC 3i control that is found on so many of AMADA’s laser and press brake products.


The flexibility of the system can be surprising. In a single piece, a fabricator can employ the EML 2515 AJ to do the following types of processes:


  • Extruded (up or down);
  • Tapped;
  • Flange (up or down);
  • Roll formed offset (up or down);
  • Button (up or down);
  • Embossment; and
  • Bridge lance (down).

The product features multi-purpose tapping stations, lance clip capability (which comes together during the bend process), a thread-forming tool (eliminating the need for secondary processing) and a power vacuum die for slug pulls.


Thread forming die

Thread-forming tool

Power vacuum die

Power vacuum die

A 3kW laser makes short work of any shape in a nest. The combination of punch and laser is more efficient than trying to use only a laser or a punch, or using both of them in serial fashion. There is an automated nozzle changer that easily changes out a flawed nozzle, with a bare minimum of time between finding the flaw and continuing the job with a new, clean nozzle.


Many automation options are available, including a parts removal system and a Just-In-Time rear conveyor system. The ASR 3015 NTK is a customized tower and shelf configuration that includes material loading and part offloading. In fact, stored parts can be removed from the tower while the machine is processing.


EML 2515 AJ Punch & Die Changer

The EML 2515 AJ Punch & Die Changer (PDC)

One of the most popular options is the Punch & Die Changer that comes with 220 stations. The tool carousel holds two dies for each punch—440 dies total. Tools can be changed in as little as 20 seconds, in a way that achieves repeatable accuracy and reliability—without the possibility of downtime from damage to the machine or materials.


Because of its flexibility, the EML 2515 AJ consistently fits into a variety of fabricating shops where speed and accuracy are valued.

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