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AMADA Influent Software Measures, Analyzes, Improves

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Product: Influent by AMADA


Category(ies): Software, management


Summary: AMADA Influent is a software platform that takes a holistic approach to managing your shop and all of the data involved in jobs. Influent measures, analyzes, and ultimately improves the workflow and profitability of a shop.


At FABTECH you will see: Influent’s many forms of monitoring and management of machines and processes on the shop floor


Tech to watch: Influent is AMADA’s software solution for any fabricating shop. Universal connectivity, data collection, analysis, improvement, and working with any ERP/MRP system or brand of equipment are among its strengths.


Connected things in Influent

Influent connects to almost anything in the shop, including old and non-AMADA equipment

Influent by AMADA


Influent is a powerful tool for improving a fabricating shop. The imrpovements are possible because Influent collects and analyzes data from machines that enables improvements to production, quality, and profitability. Influent takes in data from a wide variety of sources, then creates a common language by normalizing the data, thus making unique data sources useful across the entire business. Additionally, a robust set of data analytics tools can use that data in a number of ways to give managers vision into shop data, resources, productivity, and business performance.


Influent uses a three-component approach to improving a business:


Measure: It’s said you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Influent collects data from as many sources as you would like. While some measurements may not translate well across different platforms, Influent’s data normalization takes care of the communications.


Analyze: Influent includes an advanced set of sheet metal-specific tools provided by AMADA. Additionally, third-party tools can be incorporated into Influent. And if you run your business on KPIs, they can be incorporated too.


Improve: Once the data has been collected and analyzed, it becomes very easy to see bottlenecks in the shop, whether it’s from processes, equipment, or time-of-day problems. Influent’s dashboards, reporting, and real-time data make the visualization process easier to see bottlenecks and challenges. And you can use historical data to track your progress.


Machine utilization

Machine utilization is an important metric tracked by Influent–there are many others as well

There are two levels of Influent. The first, called Influent Monitor, takes a very machine-centric view of the business. It monitors all the machines and provides data for improving machine utilization, uptime, and more.


The second level is Influent Enterprise, and the similarity in structure means an easy upgrade from Influent Monitor. Influent Enterprise connects to your existing ERP/MRP system for more advanced analytics. It also allows you to customize your solution.


For extensive or complex environments, AMADA’s Professional Services takes on consulting, custom development service where needed, and system setup based on significant IIoT experience.

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